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my picThe concept of Rosh Chodesh, literally the “head of the month” is, that just as the head contains the overall vitality]of the body, the “head” of the month contains the overall vitality of the entire month. Just as Rosh Hashana contains the overall vitality for the entire coming year, Rosh Chodesh contains the overall vitality for the ensuing month, encompassing the vitality for the next thirty days.
From the Rebbe Maharash, the 4th Lubavitcher Rebbe

Come join us at the Rosh Chodesh Network as we explore each month’s specific energies, set the tone and gain inspiration for the month. Don’t forget that Rosh Chodesh is also a time to pat yourself on the back for the great person you are and make sure to give yourself  a special Rosh Chodesh treat!
And if you find something inspiring that made a difference in your life, please share it with us at the Rosh Chodesh Network!

Mission Statement

The Rosh Chodesh Network is an online community of Jewish women who love celebrating Rosh Chodesh  who come together to share and benefit from its unique energy

“Rosh Chodesh is not simply another day being marked off on the calendar but has special significance and it is fitting to celebrate it with dignity and honor.”
Rabbi Yitzchak Sender – the Commentators’ Rosh Chodesh


Miriam Leah Kaufmann