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Marriage Matters – Elul 5774

Rabbi Schonbuch is a noted marriage counselor in Crown Heights. His articles, videos, and counseling sessions have helped many frum couples grow together, resolve issues and improve their marriages.

This new weekly series will give viewers the opportunity to ask Rabbi Schonbuch questions on marriage, dating, relationships and family issues. It also will provide an anonymous way to address personal issues giving hope and strength to many couples and individuals who feel isolated or ashamed to approach a rabbi or therapist.

Rabbi Schonbuch believes that Torah observant couples are confronted many new challenges placing pressure on their relationships.

“Due to modern-day pressures including busy work schedules, educational costs, Western values, the Internet and more, couples both young and old, are finding it harder to stay together and make their marriages work,” he says. “This is complicated by the fact that there are very few Orthodox and Chassidish therapists who can address these issues with knowledge and sensitivity,” he adds.

Each week the series will provide answers to listeners’ questions and offer practical exercises that couples can use immediately to improve their marriage. Questions can be sent to (confidential and answered only by Rabbi Schonbuch). For more information and weekly hand-out downloads, visit

Marriage Matters – Week 1 Video

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