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Listen Your Way To Wellness Sivan 5774

Indroducing Rus Devorah Wallen’s NOGA Sound Solutions, Vol. 1 – . . . Audio Rx for Today’s World
Listen Your Way To Wellness: Audio Rx for Today’s World – A selection of simple, brief audio excursions to enhance daily life.

This album has been inspired by my clients in need of relaxation and guided meditation recordings. Many individuals need a way to take a time out from the various stressors and pressures of today’s world. At the same time, people often claim they don’t have time to take for their own health, well-being and self-care…Some state they have no time to exercise, prepare healthy meals, or engage in prayer, study, mediation or relaxation. Oftentimes, it is only when one is already suffering that he or she begins to consider any mental health or self-growth activities. Ultimately, by not taking care, not “sharpening one’s own axe,” our lives are adversely affected in many ways. We begin to feel depleted and notice that we are becoming less time and energy efficient than we could optimally be.

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