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Chabad of Talbiya – the Woman in the Moon

Yes, Rosh Chodesh is here again, only this month of Adar should be infused with an extra dose of joy as we sing; Mishenichnas Adar, Marbim Be’..Chocolate! Does that not uplift the mood of every woman?

Our shiur this month will explore ‘ The Woman in the Moon’.

At times, barely a sliver, other times in full silvery splendor.
Isn’t that the pattern of our lives?
One day we feel vibrant, reflecting the light wherever we go. The next; life has us feeling small and further still, at times even invisible.. Until we light up again and illuminate our surroundings.

Why does Kabbalah compare us women to the moon?

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, Adar 5 / February 5th as we explore ‘The Woman in the Moon’.

8:00pm at the home of Nicky Newfield ( please see details on flyer)

Shiur on ‘The Woman in the Moon’ Kabbalistic Insights into Femininity and the Jewish Calendar

Guest Workshop with the famous Avigail Chocolates – Avigail will share fascinating secrets on the creation of designer chocolates This will be followed by a chocolate tasting experience!

Donation 35 NIS
Refreshments – strictly chocolate tasting of all sorts.

Sponsorships/dedications for the evening in honor of a loved one will be warmly welcomed.

C U there B’ezrat Hashem.
Chodesh Tov Vesameach!

Chani at RCS Chabad Women’s Circle of Talbiya

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