Tools for Transformation

Getting the Courage to Face Your Fears – Elul 5782

Removing fear from the equation is the secret ingredient to resilience.

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Ascribing Positive Motives Can Transform Your Relationships – Av 5782

Judging favorably is a mitzvah in the Torah, not simply a nice thing to do. In Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers, we are taught: “Judge every person favorably.”

Not only does judging favorably change our outlook, but it can actually create change in the person who is demonstrating the negative behavior.

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I’m so Overwhelmed – 4 Ways to Release Self-Criticism and Choose Kindness – Tammuz 5782

Dear Rachel,

I am so overwhelmed! My life is filled with so much rushing and work and hecticness, and a “To Do” list a mile long. I have so much on my plate; my body is filled with aches and pains. I’m constantly criticizing myself for not being as organized, patient or accomplished as some of my friends. I also find myself snapping at my kids and husband. I feel like a mess! Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Ten Terrifying Thoughts About Marriage – Sivan 5782

Get rid of the illusions and let your marriage soar.

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Five Habits Of Happy People – Iyar 5782

How to train your mind to be positive.

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Bombs Over Germany: A Passover Video – Nissan 5782

Although you may not be able to change your situation, you can choose greatness within your situation.

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The Kabbalah of Happiness – Adar II 5782

Everyone is looking for more happiness in their lives; but what is the magical formula for attaining true joy in life?

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Doing This for 3 Minutes a Day Has Changed My Life – Adar I 5782

When is the last time you sat still with no technology, without talking, listening, watching, or reading something?

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Feminine Force – Shevat 5782

Elevate your relationship by channeling your inner power

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The Month of Tevet and Practical Steps to Dealing With Anger – Teves 5782

Feelings of jealousy and anger are indicators of a need for greater connection with ourselves and G‑d. The inner work of Tevet asks us to be grateful for what we have—to take responsibility for what shows up in our lives, and work on forgiving and opening our hearts. Our freedom lies in moving from being reactive to being able to make conscious, heart-centered responses in the face of challenge.

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