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Reuven Bauman: Through Fire and Water – Menachem Av 5779

Reuven Bauman’s heroic rescue on a Virginia beach echoes his grandfather’s lifesaving deed 50 years earlier.

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Muslim Paramedic Tells Guests at Jewish Wedding How He Saved Bride’s Life After Car Crash – Menachem Av 5779

A Muslim paramedic who is part of a response unit for United Hatzalah shared a story at a Jewish wedding about how he saved the bride’s life in 2009.

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Israeli Prisoner of War in Syria – Tammuz 5779

Noah Hertz was shot down during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. His agonizing eight-month imprisonment sparked his journey back to Judaism.

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Parents Help Thousands of Families To Fight Cancer – Tammuz 5779

After their son’s death from leukemia, Chaim and Miri Ehrental created Zichron Menachem to provide essential support to Israeli families affected by cancer.

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G-d Loves the Brokenhearted – Sivan 5779

Shlomo Dror has lived two lives: one before the suicide of his son, and one after.

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Ultra Orthodox Mom of Five Wins Marathon – Sivan 5779

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all about Beatie Deutsch

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What It’s Like for a Child Refusenik to Be a Rabbi in the City He Left ‘Forever’ – Iyar 5779

Family persecuted by Soviets, boy returns to lead Chabad House in St. Petersburg

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The Angel from Westchester – Iyar 5779

IDF Unit Raises Money to Save Soldier’s Life – Nissan 5779

Weeks after getting engaged, Mendel Gordon, an American lone soldier, discovered he had cancer. His band of brothers sprang into action.

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When the Nurse Blinded Our Newborn Son – Nissan 5779

Like all parents, the Landbergs were very excited by the birth of their son. Their joy, however, was short lived when their child was blinded by a nurse’s negligence. Given the frightening prognosis, their doctor offered a surprising referral.

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