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G-d Loves the Brokenhearted – Sivan 5779

Shlomo Dror has lived two lives: one before the suicide of his son, and one after.

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Ultra Orthodox Mom of Five Wins Marathon – Sivan 5779

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all about Beatie Deutsch

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What It’s Like for a Child Refusenik to Be a Rabbi in the City He Left ‘Forever’ – Iyar 5779

Family persecuted by Soviets, boy returns to lead Chabad House in St. Petersburg

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The Angel from Westchester – Iyar 5779

IDF Unit Raises Money to Save Soldier’s Life – Nissan 5779

Weeks after getting engaged, Mendel Gordon, an American lone soldier, discovered he had cancer. His band of brothers sprang into action.

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When the Nurse Blinded Our Newborn Son – Nissan 5779

Like all parents, the Landbergs were very excited by the birth of their son. Their joy, however, was short lived when their child was blinded by a nurse’s negligence. Given the frightening prognosis, their doctor offered a surprising referral.

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Hasidic Women Breaking Barriers – Adar II, 5779

A new documentary reveals Judge Ruchi Freier’s trailblazing work to establish the first all-women’s emergency medical response team Brooklyn.

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Nagasaki and Holocaust Survivors: An Unlikely Love Story – Adar II, 5779

John and Sonja Franken were two unlikely survivors of World War II. Sonja, a Dutch Jew from the Netherlands, survived the concentrations camps of Nazi Europe, including Auschwitz. She faced death in the gas chambers three times and miraculously survived. John, a Dutch-Indonesian Jew born in the former Dutch East Indies, was a prisoner of war in Japan and was working as a slave laborer in Nagasaki when the Americans dropped the atomic bomb there. He, too, survived.

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Chabad Couple Comes to Sunny St. Lucia, – Adar I 5779

Rabbi Avromy and Sternie Super recently moved to the island to open Chabad of St. Lucia. The Supers, who first visited in December 2017, have begun to assemble an eclectic Jewish community of locals, snowbirds and tourists.

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Rescuing Israel’s Wasted Food – Adar I 5779

Last year, Leket, the food rescue charity founded by New York lawyer Joseph Gitler, redistributed 20,000 tons of excess food to the poor, from wedding halls, restaurants and farms all over the country making it one of Israel’s most important welfare institutions.

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